Friday, January 16, 2015

Olivia ~ Chapter 4

Olivia's family made it to town safely. To Olivia's surprise her mother had aged quite a lot since the last time she saw her. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to mark the occasion they took a duck face selfie together.

Gaia seemed to really be into taking she is taking one with Jasper. Uh Jasper, I don't think your supposed to be kissing in that direction...look at the camera boy!

Olivia couldn't believe how much Lacey has grown since she moved away. They spent a few hours chatting and Lacey caught Olivia up on all the hometown gossip. 

Antoine called to say that he was running a little late but would be there soon. Olivia told him to take his time since her father and Cooper were out at the store.

Olivia was still nervous about introducing him to her family. Did she say he was her coworker or her boyfriend. They haven't exactly talked about labeling their relationship.

When Antoine did finally make it over she decided to introduce him as her boyfriend. Although they haven't made things official it felt easier than trying to explain the truth. The truth of the matter was complicated. 

They all exchanged presents, ate, and had a great time together. 

After Olivia's family left she asked Antoine if he wanted to spend the night with her. He accepted and they ended up spending the night in the igloo out back. 

As Olivia's birthday was just around the corner she needed to get out and have some fun. She went to the local bowling place and played a few rounds. 

While she was there she meet a nice guy by the name of Mallow. They hit it off and became instant friends. In fact she invited him to her birthday party the next day.

Mallow showed up a little early to the party and helped her get things ready. 

Olivia was so moved by how sweet Mallow was that she leaned in a gave him a kiss. 

Olivia wasn't sure why she had just done that and decided that it was best to just pretend it never happened. She thanked Mallow for coming to help and headed inside to get things ready. An hour later the guest had arrived and the party was in full swing. 

When it was time to blow out the candles it was Mallow that was by her side instead of Antoine. Antoine had to work and was unable to make it for Olivia's special day. Secretly she was thankful for his absence because she got to spend some time getting to know Mallow better. 

As she blew out her candles she wished for clarity about her feelings. She now didn't know if she wanted to pursue things with Mallow or stay faithful to Antoine. She wanted them both. 

A few days later Antoine invited Olivia over to his house. Little did Olivia know, it was a surprise party for her birthday. Since Antoine couldn't be there for her actual party he decided to throw her one of his own. When she arrived Antoine met her outside and she gave him a kiss.

Olivia was so surprised when she walked in to the house full of people yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Antoine quickly turned and apologized for not being with her on her special day. 

Olivia enjoyed the party and invited Antoine over for the night. There was only one thing on Olivia's mind. We all can guess what that was. 

In the coming weeks Olivia immersed herself in to her work. She was a mature adult now and didn't want to start a family until she finished her career. 

Before she knew it she achieved her final promotion to the Emperor of Evil.

The next day she invited Antoine over to tell him the good news. As soon as she finished her sentence Antoine got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

She said yes!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Olivia ~ Chapter 3

Olivia really enjoyed having Denver all grown up now. He was much easier to take on walks and didn't require as much training. There were no more accidents to clean up in the house either which was a great bonus!

He still wasn't too big for smoochies though...and he got them on a daily basis. I don't think he minded!

After returning from her walk with Denver Olivia received a letter in the mail. It had no address on it, almost like someone just walked up and put it in her mailbox. Curious to see what it was Olivia went inside and sat at the desk. She opened the letter and read:

Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you. Scared of these feelings because it's still new and I catch myself thinking of the best way to to tell you. Hoping you'll return my confession showing you care and then I catch myself again… and drag my thoughts back to reality.

The dreams I have of you are so vivid and clear I feel TRUE happiness inside and that there is nothing to fear. People say dreams have underlying meanings and not to ignore them. I say we both know what they mean and now I want you to know that I am falling for you...will you make my dreams come true?


Olivia's heart started to hammer in her chest and butterflies went to war in her stomach. She couldn't believe that Antoine was confessing to having feelings for her. She wanted nothing more then to drive to his house and ravage him. Instead she thought it would be best to answer him with a letter of her own. Now she just had to figure out what to write back. 

I feel the get over here you sexy beast and take me.

I never imagined that you could be feeling the same as me. I am falling for you too.

I loved the way you looked at me the other day. I couldn't talk, my mouth felt numb and all I could get out was "Thanks" before I left your house. I stood on your porch wishing nothing more than for you to open up the door and kiss me. I often dream of you...I am falling for you too!


Needing to work out some of this pent up frustration Olivia headed to the local gym. Instead of running on the treadmill which was her usual workout Olivia opted for the pull-up bar. 

After she finished her set she heard a very familiar and sexy voice call her name. Her stomach dropped...did she bring up the letter to him or play it cool. He wouldn't have had time to see her letter yet since he is here working out too. Olivia went with playing it cool. Knowing that he had feelings for her made it so much easier to talk with him. She figured she would invite him over so they could hang out for awhile. 

Once they got to her place Antoine did the strangest thing and started sniffing her. At first Olivia though it was weird but just went with it curious to see what would happen. 

By the end of it she was was just the funniest thing she had ever seen another person do. Although I guess Antoine wouldn't really qualify as a normal person...he was a werewolf. 

She didn't mind that little fact...she actually thought it made him sexier. Once he was all done sniffing her he transformed back in to his normal self. He explained that changing forms to do his workout gave him an edge and made it more intense. He asked how she felt about him being werewolf and she let him know that it didn't bother her one bit. 

She decided to take this opportunity to tell him that she received his letter and how she felt about him. It was all very nerve racking for her. 

Before he could respond to what she told him she went in for a kiss. She didn't want to lose her nerve and figured now was as good as time as any to do it. 

One thing lead to another and before she knew it they had made their way to her bedroom again but for a different reason. It may not have been a good idea to sleep with him so soon but Olivia didn't care. She had no idea where their relationship was going or if things would even work out. None of that mattered once she had him in her bed. 

After Antoine left Sita made an appearance again and laid in to Olivia for her improper behavior. Sita tried to warn her that it wasn't a good idea to go sleeping around with the men she worked with because it would only end in disaster. Olivia didn't want to hear anything her great old grandmother ghost had to say and told her so. 

After that the days and nights seemed to be flying by and Olivia was blissfully happy with how her life was turning out. She had gotten a few promotions and was well on her way to taking things over. 

She spent a lot of time with Antoine now that their feelings were out in the open. She adored when he was in wolf-man form because he loved to have his belly rubbed. 

There were evenings spent together watching the stars. 

Gentle embraces and sweet kisses shared

and of course a lot of time spent cuddling in bed. 

They haven't slept together since that first night he came over. There was no real reason she could think of for why it hasn't happened just hasn't. Things have been going great just the way they are right now. However, Olivia has started thinking more and more about having children. Is Antoine the one she would eventually start a family with? She didn't actually know that answer to that question and that scared her a little. 

Olivia was feeling scared and nervous and frustrated with herself. She didn't know where she wanted things to lead with Antoine. A good rant should help her figure things out or at least get things off her mind for awhile. Her family was coming to visit for the holiday she had mixed feelings about introducing Antoine to her family. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Olivia ~ Chapter 2

Olivia was so happy to be out of China. She couldn't believe what a disaster the trip turned out to be. She wanted to do more traveling but was now scared to go somewhere else.Living in a new town was all the adventure Olivia needed in her life right now. She was excited to explore Meadow Glen but first on her agenda was to eat.

Olivia just loved the new house she bought. The professional decorator she hired did an amazing job getting the new house ready while she was gone. Her house in Moonlight Falls sold almost immediately and even after the renovations on the new house she still made a profit. All of this good news made Olivia feel just a little happier about her decision to move.

The next day Olivia headed out to explore. It was a dark a dreary day out but Olivia didn't mind. In fact she found much amusement in splashing around. 

While out Olivia spotted a cute little puppy. She looked on it's collar and found that its name was One. What a funny name for a dog. Being a dog person she took an instant liking to One and started playing tug of war with the pup. 

In the afternoon the sky started to clear and it was becoming a nice day out. Olivia decided to head to the park and hopefully meet a few people. While she was there she bumped in to a man named Antoine Reeves. She introduced herself and they chatted for awhile. She found out that Antoine would be her coworker once she started her new job. They also had quite a few traits in common, he was also an evil, family oriented, dog lover. 

Having an instant connection to one another...thanks to their shared traits...they spent the rest of the afternoon together. The best part of the day was when they tried skating together. Neither one of them were to good at it so they thought it would be good idea to hold hands and skate. 

What they didn't realize is that if one went down they both would. Antoine had started to fall so he quickly let go of Olivia thinking that would keep her from falling. However, he actually tossed her in his hast to let go and it sent her flying in the air. He tried to catch her but it was to late. 

Antoine was mortified at what just happened. He laid on the ground looking like he wanted it to swallow him up whole. Olivia slowly got up with a sore bum but she laughed it off and told him not to worry about it. 

The days have been flying by. Olivia started her new job at an undisclosed location, doing things that she can't actually talk about. Taking over the world is a very precarious thing and you can't go blabbing to everyone about what your up to. She continued her exploration of her new town but wasn't meeting very interesting people. The one person she couldn't get off her mind was Antoine but she knew mixing personal with professional was not a good idea. 

To help with her loneliness she looked online for a puppy to adopt. She found a fuzzy little fur ball in town named Denver up for adoption. He was already trained to be neat and non-destructive which was a perfect combination. Once all the paperwork was filled out Olivia patiently awaited for Denver to arrive. When the agency brought him by later that night Olivia squealed with excitement at the site of him. He was adorable!

Once she got him inside she started playing tug of war with him. He was this tiny fuzzball full of spunk and she loved it. 

Olivia did get a call from one of the men she met around town and he asked her out on a date. Olivia figured meeting up with him couldn't hurt and she could use a nice time out. When she got there however it was a whole other story. She found him to be quite boring and accused him of being a diva. When he turned the table on her stating that she in fact was the diva, Olivia lost her head and attacked. 

How dare he call for a date, be the most boring person she has ever met and then insult her. She kicked his butt to the curb and told him to never call her again!

Not wanting her day to be a total waste Olivia headed to the Fun-O-Rama. While she was there she spotted Antoine playing video games. With butterflies in her stomach she headed over to the machine next to him and started playing. 

They did chat for a bit but most of the night was spent playing things next to each other instead if with each other. Olivia was to nervous to outright ask him to hang out and he never brought it up either. Olivia knew that it was best they didn't become more than work mates but it still stung a little that he didn't ask to hang with her. They ended the night bowling and both of them scored big. 

Olivia may not have been able to get special attention from Antoine but she did get it from Denver. She loved cuddling and smooching her little pup. 

    Olivia was feeling restless in her day to day life. She needed some excitement and didn't know what to do about it. One of her coworkers were complaining about the local officers that kept patting them down and it gave Olivia a bright idea. She was going to have a protest against the local law enforcement. 

When she first announced it no one was interested in joining in. Olivia was not so quick to give up though and continued on with her chanting.

A few hours later there was a nice group gathering and Olivia took the opportunity to rally them up and keep the momentum going. 

Unfortunately not long after that the police showed up and announced that everyone had 10 minutes to clear out before citations for public disturbance would be handed out. Olivia didn't want her name to be known just yet within the police community and booked it out of there along with everyone else.

It was time for Denver to grow up from being a pup. He was a Great Dane and a lot bigger than Olivia thought he would be but she didn't mind one little bit. She was kind of sad to see him grow and thought about getting another puppy but later decided right now wasn't the time for that.  

She had bought Denver a new squeaky toy and collar a couple days before his birthday. She wanted to give him the new toy right away so she started squeezing it. Denver started jumping all around the room trying to get the toy. He loved it!

On Olivia's day off she got a text from Antoine inviting her to his house for a party. She was over the moon that he text her. She had no idea what she was going to wear and tore her closet apart. She eventually settled on a little black dress that would knock any guys socks off. Sita must have sensed something going on with Olivia because she made an appearance right before Olivia left. 

When Olivia arrived at his house she was very confused. There was no else there and most of the lights were dim. The front door was open so Olivia just let herself in and walked around looking for Antoine. It turned out he was upstairs sleeping. Olivia was having none of that and woke him up using the megaphone. 

He apologized for not texting her back to let her know that party had been canceled because he was exhausted. That explained why no one was there instead of the steamy fantasy she had concocted in her mind. 

Olivia couldn't help but swoon at the sight of Antoine standing there in his boxers. He could have been saying he was an alien and it wouldn't have mattered as long as he kept talking. He looked even better undressed than what she had pictured in her mind. 

Olivia let him know that she understood about the mix up and headed to the door to leave. Before she walked out Antoine called her name and when she turned to look back at him he winked and said she looked beautiful. Olivia blushed said thanks and walked out. Once on the porch Olivia slumped back against the door. She couldn't believe what he had just said to her! Did he mean it or was he being nice because he felt bad. Was he starting to get feelings for her? Would she be happy if he was...well yes of course she would...but was it a good idea. She didn't know and it was going to drive her crazy! 

Olivia needed one last look at Antoine before she left. She headed around the house a peeked in a couple of windows until she spotted him. He was very yummy looking! 

*The Fun-O-Rama was made by the very talented Wibs!

*Antoine Reeves was not made by and it is impossible for me to get in touch with the creator to leave a link to him as their website is now blocked. I have renamed him, Antoine is not the name he came with. He has always been running around in some of my towns but has never bumped in to a main character in one of my stories so I never had to worry about getting maker permission before. If the person that made him happens to read this just know that I would have liked to give you proper credit! 

Thanks for reading!